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Welcome to Pommernjagd


September 14 2015


We are a company which finds its place on the top of the longest existed hunting travel agencies with the greatest experience. We cooperate with many great Customers who have been hunting in Poland for many years and they always come back to hunt here willingly. We draw our experience mostly from our passion – which for us is hunting. We hunt and organize hunting for over 20 years.

For our Clients not only from Poland but also for foreign ones we offer individual and driven hunting on pricelist or fixed price. Polish hunting areas are magnificent and rich in animals, that is why foreign Clients and willing to come back to hunt in Poland. We can guarantee our new Clients that they will fall in love with our hunting areas, experience great hunting adventures and meet experienced polish hunters.

Considering accommodation, we can take care for everybody – we offer cozy foresters lost in the wilderness, stylish inside of palaces and guesthouses, elegant hotels or simple accommodations.